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2015 April Newsletter and Calendar

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2015 April Lunchroom News

Improve eating and exercise habits in children

We are proud of our students who have embraced our menus and meals with excitement.  Many students who would barely eat a bite at the beginning of the year have astounded us every day with trying something new or actually eating everything on their tray.  We are so proud of them!!  I think the national trend toward eating healthy and exercising is rubbing off on the youth.  Talk to your student and ask them how the meals taste to them and if they are trying to eat the food provided.

The following tips are for parents to help improve the eating and exercise habits of their children:

When kids are thirsty, give them water, not high sugar beverages such as sodas.  Serve fat free or low fat milk at meals.


For treat foods, provide healthy fruits and snacks such as grapes, raisins and string cheese.  When your child selects an unhealthy snack, redirect and give choices.  Do you want strawberries, carrots or melon for your snack?


Consume food and drinks only at the kitchen or dining room table or other designated areas.


Have children eat a healthy breakfast.


Reduce eating fast food to less than once a week.


At the grocery store, have children select one fruit and vegetable to try each week and skip the candy, cookie and soda aisles.


Provide opportunities for young children to safely climb, run and jump to encourage the development of muscular strength and endurance.


Let your children try a variety of activities such as sports, dance, martial  arts or swimming in a safe and encouraging program.


Limit screen time to less than two hours a day.
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We Now Have Online Giving!

You may now tithe and/or make parish or school payments on our website. Click this link to get started. Call the parish office if you have any questions at 316.522.2383.

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