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2014 May Newsletter

2014 May Newsletter is available to view by following this link.

There are many important dates coming up with the end of school approaching so rapidly.  Mark you calendar so you don't miss any special events.

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Pre-Registration for 2014-15

PRE-REGISTRATION FOR 2014-15        

Pre-registration materials will be sent to you by March. For those who are in the 2014-15 four year old class and considering our Kindergarten class next school year, you will also receive packets from Mrs. Kephart .

Before we will consider your registration complete, we will be looking at:

1. You must be a registered member of St. Anne Parish.

2.You must have a current stewardship form on file.

3. You are actively practicing stewardship of your time, talent, and treasure to the Parish.

4. Practicing the Catholic Faith and attending Mass as a family on Sundays (weekend) and Holy Days.

If any of these are missing a meeting is required with the Pastor before we consider you fully registered. I know that most or all of you fulfill these requirements, but this is just a reminder. A deposit of $140 for 1 child and $280 for 2 must be returned with your pre-registration forms.
This will be the 2014-15 book fee. If you are enrolling more than 2 children, an additional $140 per child will be collected during the August registration.

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We Now Have Online Giving!

You may now tithe and/or make parish or school payments on our website. Click this link to get started. Call the parish office if you have any questions at 316.522.2383.

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