5th grade agenda information.

Your 5th grade student has been issued an agenda.

These agendas are a critical portion of my ability to stay in touch with the families that I serve here at St. Anne Catholic School.

Daily there are spaces for your student to record what their goals for learning each day in each curriculum area; along with any assignments that were required in the particular subject area.

At the end of each day students are required to take their agenda home and share it with you.  Your task is to look over the agenda and inquire about homework that needs to be completed and returned the next day, then sign at the bottom where it says, "signature." The student is to put the signed agenda in their backpacks and have it at school the next day.

Students have been taught that they are to ask you to sign their agenda and provide you with a writing instrument.  They have also been taught to ask you to look over the agenda during a time when you can give your full attention to the task.

Please feel free to ask questions or offer any information needed in the empty column to the right of the agenda.  If you need to speak to me about something, please write, "call me" and be sure to leave your number.  I will get with you as soon as I have a minute to do so.

I am giving "grace" for having agendas signed for a few days so that it can become a habit.  After the grace period, students understand that if they do not have a signed agenda they will miss out on 5 minutes of their lunch recess.

Thanks you in advance for your help with this.  I am trying to help prepare these 5th graders for middle school where they will have many teachers and assignments to keep track of.

Mrs. Beugelsdijk

Mrs. Beugelsdijk

5th Grade