PSR – Parish School of Religion

If you have children who are not currently attending a Catholic School they need to attend PSR to receive instruction in their faith.

Our Program

Our PSR Program is for public school students in our parish and community.Any child who is not currently attending a Catholic School should be in PSR.We offer religious instruction and sacramental preparation of students grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.Confirmation is offered every other year for students in High School.We can work with students who have special needs.Students are able to learn and grow in their faith in safe and comfortable environment.


Children 8 years and older seeking to join the Catholic Church will attend the RCIC program.  Their journey of faith culminates in the beautiful Easter Vigil Mass, when they become members of the Catholic Christian Community.  RCIC is for children 8 years and older that have not been baptized Catholic. The Rite of Christian Initiation of Children (RCIC) at St. Anne enables children 8 years and older to enter into a relationship with the living God and share in the life of their identity as Christians.  Our goal is to provide a means of conversion consonant with the child's age and understanding.  Please call the parish office at 522-2383 to register your child.

Like RCIA, we strive to instruct the child in his/her faith as a Catholic Christian.  Different from the adult process, the conversion of children is a "belonging" process - a process of socialization which is caught as well as learned.  Much of the catechesis for children greatly depends on forming and nurturing relationships with other believing children. The true success of the program depends on the parents.  The parent must insure the child attends all classes, learns their prayers, and experiences a Catholic environment at home.


We offer a comprehensive program that builds each year on the year before.We provide the students the books and supplies they need for class.Within this program Second Grade students receive instruction for First Reconciliation and First Communion.We also provide instruction for older students who have not received these sacraments.


Classes meet on Sunday mornings beginning in September through the beginning of May.We meet in between the English and Spanish Mass on Sundays.

If you need to register you may contact the Parish Office for more information 522-2383.