Description for Liturgical Ministry


Carries the cross, candles and incense in procession and assist the priest during Mass. Boys and girls in grades 6th and above are invited to be a part of this ministry.


Eucharistic Adoration allows people the blessing of spending a scheduled hour each week in prayer with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Even if you only have 15 minutes in your busy schedule, please experience the serenity and joy of Eucharistic Adoration; feel free to stop in and pray in the presence of our Lord anytime. The Adoration Chapel is open from 6 AM until midnight Monday thru Friday and Sunday from 2 PM to midnight. This ministry is open to everyone. Please call the parish office if you have any questions or would like to schedule an hour. ‘Be still and know that I am God.’


Distributes Holy Communion to the congregation and/or to the homebound on a temporary assignment (in the diocese of Wichita an assignment is for five years.) Must attend training.


Welcomes both newcomers and old-timers as they come for weekend Liturgies. Greeters serve at the Mass they usually attend to make it easier to get to know people. Families are encouraged to make this a family ministry. All ages are encouraged to serve in this ministry.


Choir members, accompanists, instrumentalists and cantors share their talents to inspire, nurture, and motivate the congregation so that their music might help others to glorify God, foster prayerfulness and encourage others to share their talents.


Proclaims readings for Sunday liturgies and special liturgies. Training required. Must be 9th grade or older.


Bring up the gifts of bread and wine during weekend liturgies. This is an excellent way for families to serve together.


Pray for special needs of parishioners and pass along those needs to the next person on the prayer line. We presently have 7 different prayer lines. When a prayer request is called in, it is called out to the first person on each of prayer line. They, in turn, call the person directly under their name and on down the line. Prayer requests may be made for serious illnesses, accident victims, deaths, etc.


Prepares altar before and after assigned Mass and ensures that ministry positions are filled; Training required.


Sews banners, gowns, altar cloths, etc., as needed.


Attend the vigils and funerals of members of our parish who have died. Tobit ministers are notified of the death, asked to call the next person on the calling tree, and attend if possible.


Seats people, gathers offertory collection, distributes materials at weekend liturgies. 6th grade and older, male and female serve on a rotating basis. Assisst with special liturgies. Ushers are assigned to a team according to his/her Mass preference.