Lake Permission Forms

Please turn in permission form by June 26th. / Regrese el formulario de permiso antes del 26 de junio


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The Bible Story in 90 Days / La historia de la Biblia en 90 Días

Week 4 Video:


Video De Semana 4:


Week 3 Video:

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Part 2:


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Video de Semana 1:

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Do you want to understand the Bible better? Have you thought about reading the Bible but didn't know where to start? This summer you are invited to read the Bible story. Fourteen books of the Bible tell the story of salvation from the creation of the world though the growth of the Church. Reading about 4 chapters a day, you can read those 14 books in 90 days, and that will help you understand all of scripture by knowing the story. Click here to download the reading plan.


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