Funeral Services

Toni Jimenez

The Rosary for Toni Jimenez will be on Monday, June 18th at 7:00 PM and the Funeral Mass will be on Tuesday, June 19th at 10:00 AM, both at St. Anne Catholic Church, 2801 S Seneca, Wichita KS.




  • Descubriendo a Cristo

    Descubriendo a Cristo es una experiencia desarrollada en siete semanas en la que cualquier persona, a los bautizados en las bancas y hasta los no bautizados, son invitados a escuchar la Buena Nueva y tengan un encuentro personal con Jesucristo. Descubriendo a Cristo ayuda a que los participantes entren en, o renueven, una relación personal con Jesucristo, experimenten el amor de Dios Padre y la fuerza que el Espíritu Santo les da para vivir como hijos de Dios.

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  • Discovering Christ


    Discovering Christ is a seven-week experience where anyone and everyone, from the baptized in the pews to the unbaptized, is invited to hear the Good News and personally encounter Jesus Christ. Discovering Christ helps people enter into or renew a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, experience the love of God the Father, and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live as God’s children.

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  • Festival de Santa Ana y Reunión de la Escuela

    ¡Reserva la Fecha! 


    El Festival anual de Santa Ana se realizará del 21 al 23 de septiembre de 2018. Esta es la mejor oportunidad para que todos los feligreses se reúnan junto con otros familiares, amigos y ex alumnos. ¡Este año, invitamos especialmente a ex alumnos de la Escuela Catolica Santa Ana de las clases de '68, '78, '88, '99, '08 a Celebrar!


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  • St. Anne Festival & School Reunion


    Save the date! 


    The annual St. Anne Festival is coming September 21-23, 2018. This is the biggest opportunity for all parishioners to be together along with other family, friends, and alumni. This year, we especially invite St. Anne Catholic School alumni from the classes of '68, '78, '88, '98, & '08 to Celebr8!


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  • Steubenville Youth Conference

    Register Now!

    The Steubenville Youth Conference will be held in Springfield, MO July 20-22, 2018. The conference is a high-energy gathering of thousands of teens from around the country featuring music, powerful speakers, and an invitation to encounter Jesus personally. The trip is open to all current high school students. We will be traveling with students from St. Anne, St. Margaret Mary, Christ the King, and Cathedral parishes.

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  • New Month, New Beginning

    April 2018

    Jacqueline Gonzalez


    For a video of John Bredengerd please click on the Read More button.

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  • Totus Tuus 2018

    We are excited to welcome Totus Tuus to St. Anne on June 24th to 29th! Totus Tuus is a Catholic youth summer program led by dynamic young adults including many of our seminarians. It is a week-long day camp centered on the Mass and prayer and is filled with crazy games, fun skits and classes about our Catholic faith. 

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